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My Recent Work

From analysis to Publication-Quality Figures


Statistical analysis

Collodaria is a group of plankton visible to the naked eye but yet totally understudied. As we didn’t know what we would get in terms of mortality or variability,  I planned a lot of replicates during the experimental design. And it was successful! The first analyzes of their physiological response to a heat stress are presented here:


Metagenomic Data mininG

I had the chance to participate to the first analyzes of the Tara Oceans results. My rule was to put together a huge amount of data from different fields (from optics to sequencing data) to answer a question that physicists had been asking for years: how are connected Indian and Atlantic Ocean ecosystems? It had to coordinate and synthesize the work of about 30 researchers from different fields and add my ecogenomist understanding. We published in the prestigious Science!


Project coordination

Two years after the release of the first Tara-Oceans sequences, we wanted to make this resource easily accessible to the scientific community. I then coordinated the work of the developers to create the website "Ocean Gene Atlas", and wrote the associated publication. Since then, the site is constantly evolving!

Previous collaborations:


on the media

This article about our work was published in the french national newspaper for the release of the first Tara Oceans papers

This interview about the sea temperature rise during the summer 2019 was broadcast at the french radio news (from 1'40)

This interview about the sea temperature rise was published in the regional newspaper

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