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About Me


When I was young, I became interested in plants in general and trees in particular thanks to my grandfather. He took me to his kitchen garden and taught me to recognize the wood species in his amateur woodworker studio. Then I had the chance to do an internship early in my training cycle at the Forest Genetics Laboratory of INRA Avignon. A passion was born, I only swore by genes! I liked both the meticulous side of the laboratory and the mathematical mind used to understand the discipline. So I pursued a university degree in agronomy with a specialization in genetics, and then I went to work for 2 years as an International Volunteer in Congo. I continued the work started in Congo by defending a PhD at the University of Bordeaux. At this time (2010), genomics was going through a revolution with the advent of next generation sequencing at low cost. This period was really frustrating for me because I always had to ask a bioinformatician for help, so I decided to learn programming by myself. That's how I found myself aboard Tara Oceans, the project that revolutionized our knowledge about plankton by sequencing seawater at high throughput.

Career History

Research Associate

Station Biologique de Roscoff (CNRS)

Mediterranean Institute of Oceanology, Marseille (CNRS)

June 2016 - June 2018


As part of the ANR IMPEKAB project, I coordinated a lab experiment on Collodarians, a group of symbiotic and colonial zooplankton. The aim was to test their response to heat stress by studying both their physiology (photosynthesis and respiration), their anatomy (number of symbionts, presence of viral vesicles, etc.) and their gene expression (by RNA- Seq).

Research Associate

IGS Lab, Marseille (CNRS)

Institut de Biologie de l'ENS de Paris

May, 2012 - May, 2016

0522Cover Science.png

As Tara Oceans associate scientist, my particular task was to integrate the different types of data collected (metagenomics, imaging, physicochemical) to answer ecological questions. I worked on 4 major projects: 1. The Agulhas current associated turbulence 2. Fertilization surrounding the Marquesas Islands 3. Giant marine viruses (European MicroB3 project) 4. A website gathering data from Tara Oceans (Ocean Gene Atlas).

PhD Student

UMR BioGeCo de Bordeaux (INRA)

UMR AMAP de Montpellier (CIRAD)

CRDPI Pointe Noire (Rep. du Congo)

January 2008 - December 2011


During my PhD, I continued an experiment on eucalyptus that I had previously implemented in Congo (measures of plant physiology, sampling, maintenance of the device). The first year was dedicated to molecular biology with sequencing and gene expression analysis. The next 2 years were devoted to the statistical analysis of molecular and phenotypic data.


UMR AMAP de Montpellier (CIRAD)

CRDPI Pointe Noire (Rep. of Congo)

December 2005 - December 2007


Under the supervision of CIRAD researchers based in Montpellier, I led the eucalyptus improvement program by coordinating the work of a team of about 10 people. Part of my time was spent organizing the establishment and monitoring of the field trials, and the rest of the time I analyzed the result of quantitative genetic crosses.

Master's degree

Pierre et Marie Curie University, Paris

September 2004 - September 2005




Genetics and Biodiversity Management

Bachelor's degree

Avignon University

September 2001 - September 2004



Phytoprotection and Improvement of Plant Productions

The little extra: the good mood!

During my collaborations, my greatest asset is my temperament: I naturally know how to make the working atmosphere harmonious, with a hint of humor, a lot of seriousness and a pinch of conviviality!

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